Welcome to Shift Power Yoga Vancouver

The newest Shift Power Yoga is now open in your city! Shift Power Yoga brings you Baptiste Power Yoga at exactly the moment you need it. Whether you're seeking a sweaty workout, a place to calm your mind, or a Community of like-minded people, you'll find it here!

Where are we located? You'll find us in Mount Pleasant at East 7th and Main. Our address is 156 E 7th Avenue.

Not only do we promise to deliver the best yoga in town, we offer it to you at an affordable price. Check out our Rates page for more.

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See you on your mat!

New to Baptiste Power Yoga?

If you're new to Baptiste Power Yoga, first of all... it's for everyone! People of all shapes, sizes and ages practice this style of yoga around the entire world. It is accessible to everyone. This practice will challenge you, inspire you and show you that you are a powerful being just as you are.

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